Spa etiquette

Respect the tranquillity

At Immerse Face and Body Medispa, we know your time is precious and we kindly ask that you respect the ‘me time’ of other guests and their privacy while you are waiting.

Mobile phones

You’re entering a sanctuary of peace, calm and tranquillity, by turning off your mobile phone; you can leave your ‘shoulds’ and ‘must dos’ at the door. It’s time for you to relax.

A quiet chat

To avoid startling anyone who has just experienced one of our relaxing treatments, we ask that you keep your conversations with your therapist to a low volume. Your turn to bliss out is next, we promise!

Children’s safety

Immerse Face and Body Medispa respect your ‘me time’ and the safety of your children. For this reason we recommend our salon remain a child free zone. Due to workplace health and safety, children are not allowed in the treatment rooms at anytime.


When should I arrive?

To ensure your treatment runs on time, we recommend you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow us to update or establish your consultation details, so you can get the most out of your time with us.


What if I’m late?

As a courtesy to all clients, treatments are completed in the time allocated. This ensures we accommodate our next client and keep you from running late for the rest of your day. Full payment of the required treatment will be charged even if you are running late. Thank you for understanding; staying calm and organised is so important to the experience of our guests.


What if I forget?

We will send text message to confirm your appointment. Please reply yes or no to the text message to confirm or to cancel your booking in the time given. Otherwise please call the salon immediately to cancel or reschedule your appointment.