Heal your skin with nature. USPA products are clay based, containing a herbal complex and essential oil blend. Even better, USPA strives to use pure elements and natural extracts from ingredients organically grown and produced in Australia.

Organic Coffee and Sea Kelp Body Wrap

A detoxifying coffee and sea kelp body exfoliation, rich in antioxidants and minerals. Uplift the senses with vanilla and grapefruit and enjoy a full body hydration massage with tangerine and rose. This eclectic combination will leave your body buzzing!

$150 / 90 minutes


Rejuvenating Mud Mask

A deeply purifying experience to restore balance in your skin. Enjoy a comforting warm mud application cocooned in natural cloth for maximum absorption, followed up by a Zen facial. Nourish and replenish the skin with a zing of tangerine and rose. Exquisite, you’ll want two!

$115 / 60 minutes



Stimulate the circulatory system through dry body brushing, then enjoy a soothing combination of green tea, macadamia oil and aloe gel, plus beta carotene for a nutrient boost! Your little afternoon tea for the skin is completed with a Balinese body palming and a replenishing facial massage. A matcha made in heaven!

$115 / 60 minutes


Organic Coco Cream Wrap

Warm organic coco cream and coconut oil infused with vanilla and bergamot immerse your whole body after a dry body brushing. Sacred Tamanu anointing oil will massage your face and scalp, followed by a jasmine foot therapy. Your Pacific Island body treatment, minus the dehydrating plane journey. Win!

$115 / 60 minutes


Bamboo Body Polish

Leave your skin feeling smooth and touchable with a revitalising body exfoliation using gingko, ginseng and bamboo beads. Hydrate and de-stress with a touch of lavender and olive leaf. This is music for your skin.

$90 / 45 minutes



Full Body Massage

$95 / 60 minutes


Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

$65 / 30 minutes
$75 / 45 minutes